For Nonprofits

We share BME memberships with nonprofits on the frontlines of helping people through career transition.

Modern Learning

Add the BME Learning Lab courses and lessons to your organization’s resources and expand your networking capacity with our national career changer community.

Team Superpowers

Your team is invited to join our instructor community and learn dynamic new career change practices. Use our tools and step-by-step workshops to support your organization.

Monthly Livestreams

Your community is invited to monthly livestream sessions with BME instructors and guest experts.

We'll work through step-by-step activities to tackle common career change challenges, reveal new opportunities, and break into roles with tactics beyond job boards and resumes.

Zero Cost

You read that right. We share BME resources at no cost to your organization.

As a partner, you can offer memberships to your community for free or a small fee. If opting for a fee, we then return a portion of this fee to your organization.

Since our content is copyright free, you don't have to worry about costly licensing or use constraints. This is what radical collaboration looks like.

Who We Help

Job Clubs

Your club is a critical safety net for unexpected career change. Amplify your services with online courses and engaging meetup activities.

Alumni Centers

Show alumni you are the go-to resource looking out for their future. Strengthen your career services offering without spending a dime.

Professional Groups

Connect with young professionals hungry to level up, but feeling lost about what to do next. Add modern career support with a turn-key platform.

Education Centers

Continuing education is more important than ever for millions of adults, most of whom will never set foot on a campus. Meet them where they are with online resources.

Set Up A Demo


Do you have limits on the size of the organization you work with?
We can work with both small local organizations to large national organizations of over 100,000 members.

Do you cap the number of memberships available?
We stage the available number of seats for very large organizations so that we can best serve new members by avoiding large spikes in new signups.

Can people participate anonymously?
Yes. BME is built so that members may choose to remain anonymous when using our online school, participating in discussions, or asking questions.

Do memberships expire?
Memberships do not expire. However, we reserve the right to cancel memberships for offensive behavior.

Will you host workshops with my org?
In some cases yes, but most often workshops are quite expensive with travel, organizing, and facilitation. We believe your money is better spent hosting your own workshops with all the free activities and examples provided to your staff. We’ll help get you started 🙂

Career Planning Is Dead

Ruckus Making Rule Breakers

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Eilis Wasserman

Eilis is a higher ed & freelance career coach focused on cultivating confidence and inspiring self-discovery. She is passionate about working with introverts & promoting remote work/flexibility in one’s work life.

Favorite Drill: Five Cent Stand
Favorite Loop: Haiku High Fives

Chris Federer

Chris is ‘farmer of collaboration’ thanks to his natural tendency to explore, connect, and host experiences to help people break through their challenges. He leads the Salt Lake City human-centered design meetup.

Favorite Drill: Back Talk
Favorite Loop: Shoot For Love